These lambs may be orphans, but they couldn’t ask for better care.

Fluffy and Daffodil, who were orphaned at birth, are thriving, thanks to the efforts of five-year-old Felix Foster.

The schoolboy, from Menston, is caring for the three-week-old lambs after he was asked to help out by a farmer who is a friend of the family.

Felix’s mum Jo said: “Felix was over the moon and called the orphans Fluffy and Daffodil, finding a warm stable full of straw for their new home.

“The lambs need bottle feeding four times a day so Felix feeds them in the morning, usually in his pyjamas, and again after school. I do them at lunchtime and last thing at night.

“They were small and weak when they arrived, having lost their mother, but have since shot up and are now thriving. They follow Felix everywhere.

Felix, who has a Shetland pony called Pongo, is already an old hand at dealing with animals.

Jo said: “I train racehorses at the yard and my son likes to lead the quiet thoroughbreds in and out of the field and helps feed them at night when he isn’t helping grandpa to fodder the cattle in the fields. My parents are beef farmers and live on a farm just a mile down the road.”

She said Felix, who is a pupil at Burley Oaks School, was now trying to train the lambs so he could take them in to meet his classmates after Easter.

Fluffy and Daffodil will graze the horses’ paddocks when they are older.