A photograph of a war veteran who rode a tricycle despite having no hands has sparked memories and has led to his identification.

No date or name remained with the photograph from the Wharfedale Observer archives which appeared in last week's paper.

But the veteran has now been identified as Brian Wade, from Hawksworth, who wrote poetry under the the pen name 'The Hawk.'

Aireborough Historical Society archivist Carlo Harrison said: "I think that this chap was a first world war veteran who lost his hands as a result of war injuries and was well known over quite an area for his charity work."

A picture caption which appeared in the Wharfedale Observer after his death read: "Mr Brian Wade of Hawksworth, better known locally under his pen name "The Hawk" riding his specially adapted tricycle on which he met his death in a road accident at Lancaster last week-end."

The photograph was taken by Gilbert Scott, of Guiseley.

Mr Wade was a familiar sight to people living in Otley and Aireborough as he rode around the area.

A 92-year-old Otley woman Mrs Nora Hollings remembers regularly seeing him riding around the town in the years following the Second World War.

Her daughter Diane Whiteside said: "My mum is 92 and she remembers seeing him riding his bike. She recognised him right away and she believes he was nicknamed The Hawk. "

Eighty-year-old Alec Jackson, from Menston, also remembers seeing The Hawk, who he believes was still riding around in the 1950s.

"I remember very well seeing him when I was a little boy," he said. "He had a hook on his arm and was a bit of a frightening character to a young lad."

"He used to write poems for the Wharfedale and Airedale Observer under the name The Hawk.

"He was a wonderful poet."

Mr Jackson, who believes Mr Wade lived in the old forge, in Hawksworth, added: "It was lovely to see the photograph. It brought back a lot of memories."