A SCOUTING group's overseas trip has been given a £500 boost by Otley Lions.

The 9th Airedale and Tenzing Explorer Scouts have been doing everything from supermarket bag packing to selling unwanted possessions online to fund their visit to Switzerland next month.

Scout Alexander Lofthouse, who has autism, has also been making a range of personalised key rings to sell to help the cause.

And it was an appeal by Alexander's mother, Donna Alderson - who has nothing but praise for the way the troop has helped her son - that caught Otley Lions' attention.

The club's publicity officer, Patrick McCauley, said: "The Scouts have been working hard to raise funds for their trip to an International Scout Camp in Switzerland.

"Donna contacted Otley Lions to tell us all about all of the great work the scouts have done for her and Alexander and also how hard they have worked to raise the money for the trip.

"When we were told that the troop was £500 short of the target we readily agreed to fill the gap and donate the money."