WESTVILLE House School in Ilkley built a 'bike' with a difference for their contribution for The Grand Depart celebrating the Tour de France coming to Yorkshire.

Designed to give all the children at the school something they will not forget in a hurry, the school created a massive 'human bike' using every child and staff member.

Many of the children have just been completing their cycling proficiency courses as part of Westville's attempt to extend the world of cycling to all their pupils.

The bike, measuring approximately 20m x 12m was 'constructed' on the school sports field and the children, all dressed in various colours formed the outline of La Grande Bicyclette.

Helen James, head of marketing at the independent school, said: "This was filmed from a 12m high platform by a school governor, Colin Marshall, who fortunately has a head for heights

"There was much to go wrong with a project like this, but thankfully the sun shone and the children enjoyed playing their part in history."

Helen added: “It looked amazing. We even produced a version where the wheels move.”

Westville House School in Carter’s Lane, Middleton, is one of the region’s leading independent schools and caters for children aged two-and-a-half to aged 11.