Former school friends got together from around the globe for the 60th anniversary of the year they all started at Aireborough Grammar.

'Old boys' from Australia and the USA were among those who attended the reunion at the Old Deanery in Ripon.

The group, who started at the grammar school in 1954, enjoyed their first reunion in 1989, organised by Catherine (Dickinson) Alder. The first event was held at Aireborough Grammar shortly before it was demolished and the site was given over to housing development. Catherine organised further occasional reunions until 2008, and since then has organised them on an annual basis at the Old Deanery.

The group attending the reunion on June 14 were: Howard Atkinson, Brenda (Creasey) Martin, Catherine(Dickinson) Alder, Peter Robinson (Sydney Australia). Malcolm French, Hilary (Walker) Wild, Christine (Mounsey) Grundy,David Longley. Christine (Howell) Spencer, Patricia (Lillico) Brook, Glenda Leeming.

Standing, left to right: Bernard Harris, Roger Greenacre, John Crowther (Philadelphia USA), Paul Roper, Celia Smith.