AFTERNOON sunshine helped visitors enjoy a bustling 2014 Arthington Show.

The Arthington, Bramhope, Pool and District, Horticultural and Agricultural Society event, held at Pool-in-Wharfedale on Sunday featured everything from ferrets to fire jugglers.

It also included high numbers of entries across the traditional display entry classes for livestock, horse and ponies, produce, and arts and crafts.

Showjumping, a dressage demonstration and a birds of prey exhibition all proved popular, while a circus skills workshop and donkey rides were a hit with the children.

MP Greg Mulholland (Lib Dem, Leeds North West) was among the audience. He said: “I had a wonderful day out with the family at Arthington Show.

“The range of classes put on was fantastic- everything from flower arrangements to dog classes.

“Add on attractions such as the birds of prey show, fire juggling and many others, and it was a terrific event overall with a great atmosphere. Personally I especially enjoyed the live music, particularly the set from Bullfrog Jones.

“Credit to the organisers for putting on the 97th annual show and making a success of it.”

Show secretary Karen Lewis said: “The day began with a covering of cloud and drizzle but the sunshine broke out around noon and it became a lovely sunny day.

“The committee, under the chairmanship of Adrian Tate and president Bruce Everall, had worked hard to put on a show that would interest all tastes.

“This included a large horticultural and produce tent, great main ring attractions including Cyril The Squirrel and Ben Potter’s Birds of Prey Display, and the new children’s zone - with circus skills and performances, assault course and slides.

“Our cattle, sheep, horse and dog entries all reported good numbers and there were a number of attractions to keep the public entertained throughout the day, including live music from local artists Bang On Drummers and Bullfrog Jones.

“The popular Gun Dog Scurry was held along with ‘have a go’ main ring activities, and the children’s pets, fancy dress, and mounted fancy dress were as popular as ever.”

The driving classes also proved popular, with show president Mr Everall and his wife Anne taking a lap of honour with their chosen winner of the Concourse De Elegance, and there were five rings for horse classes that ran throughout

the day.

Other attractions included a display by the Airedale Beagles pack and the Shire Horses and Tractor Parade, while the return of sheep to main show field was welcomed - even if two made a bid for freedom and had to be caught.

Karen added: “We would like to thank everyone who came, the exhibitors, and the many volunteers who helped to steward the classes, the judges, the sponsors and the landowners, Mr and Mrs Launder and Mr and Mrs Greenwood.”




Brood Mare with Foal at Foot – 1st N Cross – Westfield Lucky Charm

Foal Colt/Filly - 1st N Cross – Crossingtons Issac 2nd R Bedford – Hartcliff Gabriel

Yearling Colt/Filly/Gelding - 1st JR Richardson – Tochill Lady Florence

Two year old Born After 2012 - R Bedford- Hartcliff Eva 2nd N Cross – Crossingtons Inkatink

Gelding 3 years or over – 1st E Hoyle – Tochill Joseph Jebb 2nd S Wigmore – Broomhedge Sir Ronnie

Barren Mare 3 Years & Over – 1st P Bedford – Lilly Mae

Pair of horses - 1st Miss S Cross – Westfield Lucky Charm & Crossingtons Inkatink

Young Handler; - 1st – Megan Hoyle – Toc Hill Joseph Jebb

Ridden Heavy Horse – 1st E Hoyle – Tochill Joseph Jebb 2nd S Wigmore – Broomhedge Sir Ronnie

Junior Champion - Miss N Cross – Crossingtons Issac

Reserve Champion – Mr R Bedford – Hartcliff Eva

Senior Champion - Mr P Bedford – Lilly Mae

Reserve Champion – Miss N Cross – Crossingtons Issac


Best Conditioned Horse or Pony , in hand ; 1st – Little Gem 2nd K Wadsworth – Natural Design – 3rd M Sykes - Lola

Retrained Racehorse in-Hand – 1st D Morrill – Irish Mayhem 2nd J Holden – Miss Taboo

3rd A Mitchell - Kody

Young Stock in-Hand – 1st L Guest – Pembretty Picture 2nd J Gaunt – Anton China Gold

3rd L Sandham – Carlton Lima Blossom

Coloured Horse or Pony – 1st L.A Wolfenden – Addien Marie 2nd L Guest – Pembretty Picture

3rd N&C Bland - Hillside Oliver Trust

Veteran Horse or Pony – 1st R Motley – Cousan Morning Star 2nd K Wadsworth – Natural Design 3rd L Stewart – Lady Penningham


Small Breed Youngstock: 1st E Wallace – Anchor Gooseberry 2nd R Hayward – Threapwood Beauty 3rd I&C Vurgest – Sheribrook Kersten

Small Breed Mare with Foal at Foot, Barren Mare or Gelding: 1st L Stewart – Glynllyn Freshasa Daisy 2nd L Caddick – Delami Tortuga 3rd I & C Vurgest Birchmoor Sungold

Large Breed Youngstock: 1st S&A Rogerson – Murthwaite Frosty Morn 2nd C Richardson –Lathomdale Belinda 3rd J Whitehead – Rushfield Royal Celebration

Large Breed Mare with Foal at Foot, Barren Mare or Gelding: 1st L&A Hayward – Milnhay Bombadier 2nd S&A Rogerson – Evangillis Mandalay – 3rd W Hayne – Foggy Gill Jack

Stallion or Colt in-hand: Mr C Hollands – Inglegarth Bellman 2nd N Sandam – Stow Vic

3rd N Bland – Hillside Oliver

Leading Rein Pony: 1st M Stewart – Delami Tortuga – 2nd H Dilworth – Kyleburn Monsoon –

3rd E Jeancwillanme – Glymamnry Snow White

Small Breed Ridden; 1st L Lambert – Drakelands Picasso – 2nd J Whitehead – Royal Rushfield Celebration – 3rd E Jeanawillanme – Glymamnry Snow White

Large Breed Ridden 1st L Waite – Castlehill Heather Rose ll 2nd A Hayward – Milnhay Bombadier 3rd K Walter - Furze

Championship Winner and Winner of Creskeld Simba Cup – A & L Hayward – Milnhay Bombadier

Reserve Champion – L Stewart – Glynumyn Fresh asa Daisy

Ridden Champion – L Waite – Castlehill Heather Rose II

Reserve Champion – L Lambert – Drakelands Picasso

Ridden Classes

Tack & Turnout 1st S Wilson – Rollie 2nd J Crabtree – Wellbank Mascot 3rd H Hall Muskerry Apple Jack

Ridden Veteran Horse or Pony – 1st D Wiltshire – Prospect Hill 2nd W Hall – Muskerry Applejack 3rd TJ Greenwood – Startlight Savanna

Junior Equitation – 1st R Sharp – Beach Belle – 2nd L Melrose – Roger 3rd L Lambert – Drakelands Picasso

Open Ridden Pony - 1st L Waite – Castlehill Heather Rose II 2nd G Denning – Fwey Lodge Emmalima – 3rd H Westerman – Rock ‘N’ Roll Roo

Retrained Racehorse – 1st D Morrill – Irish Mayhem 2nd E Schofield – Cogey Beach 3rd A Mitchell – Kody

Pony Club Pony – 1st O Harrison – Lady Jet 3rd J Peeters – Milford Sequin

Open Riding Horse; 1st Mrs D Morrill – Irish Mayhem 2nd S.E Ramsden – Skerne Sky Rockafilly 3rd D Wiltshire – Prospect Hill

Open Ridden Show Cob; 1st – J Saxby – Double Deal

Open Ridden Maxi Cob; 1st – Z Rigg – Tony The Magician 2nd J Goodwin – Magpie’s Joy 3rd J Brown – Rebel Rock

Ridden Champion – J Saxby – Double Deal

Reserve Champion – D Morrill – Irish Mayhem


Under 12 years

Walk Trot Lead: 1st V Rathmell – Rosie 2nd K Newlove – Truffles 3rd J Whitehead - Sophie

Bending Race: 1st J Whitehead – Sophie 2nd K Newlove – Truffles 3rd P Evans - Frank

Potato Race: 1st V Rathmell – Rosie 2nd S Fawcitt – Louis 3rd K Newlove – Truffles

Sack Race: 1st J Whitehead – Sophie 2nd K Newlove – Truffles 3rd V Rathmell - Rosie


Best puppy-

Lesley Wilson / sandy Tommy firth / keys Jay highgate / cookie Matthew Kirk / Rory

Best pedigree dog

Angela Thompson / Einstein Leslie Wilson / Percy Kurtz nutchie / peanut Emma Wyles / Chester

Best pedigree bitch A Harrison / poppie Susan roper / Disney Lesley Wilson / sandy

Tommy forth / keys

Best cross breed dog Wendy Roberts / Otis Linda Nield / Charlie Julie addyman / digger

Alan Charlton / fergus

Best cross breed bitch Nick Powell / indie Liz waddington / bra Monaghan / Maisie

Sarah / bramble

Best veteran Marie Bowes / Tess Ann cooper / meg Alan Charlton / fergus

Ann Paige / spence

Best rescue Vera Bailey / binkey Michael / Marcella Ann Paige / spence

Wendy Roberts / Otis

Saddest eyes Maddison Thackeray / yogi Julie addyman / Digger Alex butcher / pip

Monaghan / Maisie

Waggiest tail Nichola hawthorn / wilf Maurine / billy Jay highgate / cookie

Grace ripley / theakston

Dog most like owner Ava grace / betsy Layla addy / boo June Thornton / paws

Alan Charlton / fergus

Cutest puppy Lia chew / Indy Julie smith / plaxy Bernadotte Copsey / tinker

Ruth Alan / floss

Prettiest Bitch Chris Boden / poppy Ros parmenter / funny Kara / colbeck

Lisa busby / pebbles

Handsome dog Ros parmenter / dex Louis eagle / Tyson Sonia smith / snickers

Wendy Roberts / Otis

Best trick Julie addyman / digger Ros parmenter / bonnie S Johnson / ruby

Alan Charlton / fergus

Show champion

Angela Thompson / Winston

Reserve champion

Wendy Roberts / Otis


Best Beast – Bullock or Heifer – Continental Breed under 450 Kilos –

1st & 2nd S&N.V Jowett 3rd Stephenson -

Best Beast – Bullock or Heifer - Continental Breed over 450 Kilos –

1st Rice Family 2nd J.A Stoney 3rd J.A Stoney

Best Beast – Bullock – British Blue – 1st J.S Stephenson

Best Beast – Heifer – British Blue – 1st J.S Stephenson 2nd H Sandham 3rd Peel Family

Best Local Butchers Beast – 1st Rice Family 2nd J.A Stoney 3rd Peel family

Best Pair of Beasts – 1st J.S Stevenson 2nd S&NV Jowett 3rd Rice Family

Champion – Rice Family Reserve Champion – J.A Stoney

Pure Breed Bull – 1st J.S Stephenson

AO Pure Breed Cow or Heifer – 1st – Lucy Corner 2nd Atkins Family 3rd J.S Stephenson

Maiden Heifer born after 1/1/2013 – 1ST L Corner 2nd J.S Stephenson

Champion – L Corner Reserve Champion – A Atkins

D Nickel – Lean Challenge Cup winner – L Corner

Best British Blue – J.S Stephenson

Michael Dowling Memorial Cup for Best British Blue – J.S Stephenson


Native Breeds

Ram Lamb: 1st SM & JE Gray 2nd SM & JE Gray

Gimmer Lamb: 1st R Morphet 2nd R Morphet 3rd SM & JE Gray

Ewe or Shearling Gimmer: 1st R Morphet

Aged or Shearling Ram: 1st SM & JE Gray 2nd R Morphet

Group of Three: 1st R Morphet

Champion SM & JE Gray


Ram Lamb 1ST T Smith 2nd A Robinson 3rd S Walmsley & Partners

Gimmer Lamb 1st T Smith 2nd & 3rd JE Grange

Shearling Gimmer – 1st T Walmsley 2nd S Walmsley & Partners 3rd A Robinson

Aged Shearling Ram – A Robinson 2nd A Robinson

Group of 3 – 1st S Walmsley & Partners 2nd A Robinson 3rd T Smith

Champion – A Robinson

Stewards Cup & Mrs Woodwards Cup for Best Texel Bred by Exhibitor

- A Robinson


Gimmer Lamb 1st SJ & JE Hobson 2nd SJ & JE Hobson

Shearling Gimmer – 1st SJ & JE Hobson 2nd SJ & JE Hobson 3rd A Robinson

Aged or Shearling Ram – 1st SJ & JE Robinson 2nd A Robinson

Group of 3 – 1st S&J Hobson 2nd A Robinson

Champion – S&J Hobson

Any other Pure Breed Section

Ram Lamb 1ST M Preston 2nd B&M Watkinson 3rd A Barrett

Gimmer Lamb 1st A Barrett 2nd M Preston 3rd B&M Watkinson

Shearling Gimmer – 1st B&M Watkinson 2nd A Barrett 3rd M Preston

Aged or Shearling Ram – 1st B&M Watkinson 2nd S Walmsley & Partners 3rd S Asquith

Champion – B&M Watkinson

Any other Cross Breed Section

Ewe or Shearling – 1st S Walmsley & Partners 2nd R Morphet 3rd A Barrett

Gimmer Lamb – 1st S Walmsley & Partners 2nd T Walmsley 3rd SJ & JE Hobson

Champion – Walmsley & Partners


Pair of Fat Lambs - Pure Breed –1st JE & ME Grange 2nd A Barrett 3rd S Walmsley & Partners

Pair of fat Lambs - Native Cross – 1st & 2nd S Walmsley & Partners

Roger Harrison Trophy – S Walmsley & Partners


Hand Reared Pet Lamb 1st W Hall 2nd H Hall 3rd J Farrow

Young Handler 6 – 10 Years – 1st B Hobson 2nd A Robinson

Winner of Best Young Handler- Cup donated by Mr & Mrs Brown – B Hobson

Young Handler 10 – 14 years 1st G Hobson 2nd E Hobson 3rd S Preston

Winner of Best Young Handler – Cup donated by Mr & Mrs Grange – G Hobson

Supreme Champion Sheep – A Robinson


T1 Vintage Tractor – 1st D Barlow 2nd P O’Brien 3rd P O’Brien

T2 Stationary Engine – 1st Mr K Lawson

T3 Working Tractor – 1st D Barlow

l For a full list of results, see the website: