THE MP for Menston has called for a public inquiry into potential flooding amid fears new housing developments would result in devastation such as that seen in Kent and Somerset.

MP Philip Davies told a debate in the House of Commons last week that distinguished scientist, Professor David Rhodes told Bradford Council plans for 300 houses at Bingley Road and Derry Hill, Menston, were not viable due to ground water emergence.

Villagers have continued to contest decisions by Bradford Council to allow housing on the controversial sites, despite approval decisions made last year.

Two detailed planning applications for a total of 146 new homes on land at Bingley Road have yet to be determined.

Mr Davies said the information was sent to the Council just before Easter this year, but Prof Rhodes had not received council feedback.

Mr Davies urged a Government minister to do what he could to make Bradford Council reflect on this evidence, or a "flawed" decision will have been made.

“Indeed, even without this evidence, I have photos of the land to be developed which is flooded after heavy rainfall, and even this real life proof of the problem seems unable to move the stubborn planners on Bradford Council," said Mr Davies.

Speaking in a debate he secured on planning issues in Shipley, Mr Davies told MPs there was not enough knowledge on assessing flood risk or technical ability to interpret flooding that came up through the ground, affecting such a large proportion of the country.

This type of groundwater emergence problem was seen to be the major issue in both Kent and Somerset floods, said Mr Davies.

In his speech Mr Davies thanked the residents and groups of Menston for coming together to fight the applications.

He added: “I am in favour of localism but for my constituents in Shipley, localism is only a pipedream and is a concept that they do not experience. For my constituents localism isn’t working.”

Local Government Minister, Stephen Williams, said he was unable to comment on the Bingley Road Derry Hill planning application but after repeated pressure from Mr Davies, asked him to write to the department about the flooding concerns.

Mr Williams added: “Bradford has published its local plan and I recommend while it is at the emerging stage he makes his representations loud and clear to make sure that flood is appropriately taken into account.”