Children from Pool-in-Wharfedale have enjoyed a very special trip to a printing firm.

The Pool C of E Primary School pupils travelled to Bradford to see Tour de France inspired images bearing their very own artwork, and faces, professionally produced.

The printing of 20 double-sided large banners at Dominion Screen and Digital Print marked the penultimate stage in the Banners Over Pool community arts project.

Led by local artists Karen and Tony van de Bospoort and Parish Councillor Richard Parker, the £10,000 scheme will see the banners attached to lampposts along the Tour's route through the village.

Mrs van de Bospoort said: "What a fantastic day it turned out to be!

"The printers had pre-organised everything to perfection and our party was split into four groups of ten and shown around the production of the banners in stages. The children behaved impeccably in the noisy, exciting environment full of gigantic print machinery and wonderful printing smells and colours.

"All the children were excited, wanting desperately to see their own banners.

"And to cap it all, something we hadn’t expected, the printers had very kindly printed out a small-scale version of every single banner, all 40 of them, to present to each and every child."