A ‘noxious stink’ in Yeadon is driving residents to distraction.

Local people are desperate to get rid of the overwhelming stench which frequently pervades the area.

Residents say the Easter break was ruined by the smell and they are appealing for action to bring it under control.

Yeadon resident Christine Schofield said: “Easter in Yeadon and surrounding areas was spoilt for many people by a noxious stink which pervaded everywhere. Walking in the countryside or around the Tarn, visiting the cemetery, sitting out in the fresh air, gardening, hanging out washing to dry and even sleeping with the window open was not possible for anyone with even a limited sense of smell.”

Yeadon is frequently plagued by the slurry-type smell during the summer months.

Mrs Schofield said: “This is not the first time either, it happens often, especially at holiday times and when the weather is nice.

“There must be some legal way to stop it, a human rights law perhaps that protects our right to enjoyment of fresh air in our own homes, or a caring politician perhaps itching for re-election. Would it be perhaps a thoughtful farmer who pays attention to DEFRA’s guidelines on wind direction and nearby communities when slurry spreading or by chance a responsible landowner who has a duty of care?

“Surely there is something that can be done, surely among all the officials we pay to protect our environment there is someone who can help. Or is it too selfish of us to want to enjoy fresh and healthy smelling springtime air?”

Otley and Yeadon councillor Colin Campbell said: “I have had complaints but no-one has been able to identify the source. I appreciate it is a problem and if it happens again I would ask people to help identify who is the culprit so appropriate action can be taken.”

Councillor Sandy Lay said he had received a tweet from a resident who was also planning to contact Leeds City Council’s environmental health department.

He said the smell also affected other areas such as Otley and Pool-in-Wharfedale.