Marjorie Anson celebrated her 102nd birthday with a family meal, entertainment from singer Emma James and a visit from the Deputy Lord Mayor of Bradford Councillor Joanne Dodds, to Straven House, the Bupa care home where she lives in Queens Road, Ilkley.

Marjorie was born at Sunny Side Farm, Thorpe Willoughby, in a farmstead lit by gas lamps and candles.

With no hot water washing was exhausting work, done in a copper over the fire with a peggy tub and a mangle. The copper was also used to heat water for weekly bathing in the tin bath in front of the fire.

Farm labourers were on a salary of £52 per year and were hired from Selby, where men and women standing in separate groups were approached by prospective employers.

At the age of five Marjorie started walking the two miles to school in Hambledon, where she wrote on slates and lunched with her gran in the village.

Fridays were a treat because she was collected from school by her mother in the pony and trap used for weekly shopping in Selby.

Marjorie lived in Ilkley before moving to Straven House. She has shared some of her farmhouse recipes with the chefs there and keeps staff entertained with her memories of times past.