Safety measures to stop speeding airport traffic are being introduced in Horsforth.

A total of £30,000 is being spent to slow cars down on three roads where residents have been plagued by speeding drivers.

Councillors, who have campaigned long and hard for the traffic calming measures in their Horsforth ward, say many of those driving quickly are rushing to reach the airport.

Now they are celebrating victory after the decision was taken to release funds for the improvements.

Horsforth Liberal Democrat councillors Brian Cleasby and Chris Townsley have campaigned on behalf of residents who have complained about the speed of traffic on Bayton Lane, Brownberrie Lane and Scotland Lane.

They welcomed the decision by the Outer North West Area Committee to release £30,000 in funding to drop the speed limit and introduce traffic calming measures on the three roads.

Coun Cleasby said: “Fast driving has been a problem for years on these streets, especially by those hurrying to reach the airport on time. This has caused local residents to fear for the safety of both themselves and their families in this residential area.

“Both Councillor Townsley and I are very pleased that we could bring this to the attention of the committee and secure the funding necessary to rectify the situation.

“We’ll be even more delighted once the new restrictions are implemented.”

Coun Townsley added: “It has taken a considerable amount of time and effort by Brian and I, working with the highways department, to solve this problem for our residents. It will be a relief for all when it is completed.”

The decision to release the funding was taken at a meeting of the Outer North West area committee on Monday.

The Horsforth councillors have campaigned for years over the issue of road safety in the area – stressing the importance of the measures against a backdrop of an expected increase in traffic levels to the airport.