Organisers of The Big Lunch, the UK’s biggest annual get-together for neighbours, are inviting residents in Leeds to join the thousands of communities across the UK who will be holding events and street parties on Sunday, June 1.

For residents interested in getting involved, free packs are available from

These include invitations and posters for your community, as well as seeds, bunting templates and an inspiration booklet with lots of ideas and information to help get you started.

The Big Lunch is funded by the Big Lottery Fund and partnered by Halifax, Asda and StreetClub by B&Q. Now in its sixth year, the simple idea from the Eden Project aims to provide neighbours with an opportunity to get to know one another better.

Big Lunches can be big or small and they don’t need to cost much because everyone brings something to the table. People are the key ingredient.

Sir Tim Smit KBE, founding director, Eden Project and co-founder The Big Lunch said: “We wanted to create the excuse for each of us to get over the shyness of knocking on a neighbour’s door for a street party and it seems The Big Lunch is exactly what millions of people in thousands of communities have been waiting for.

“The genius of The Big Lunch lies in all those wonderful people who go out and make it their event – each one is different but they share the same instinct to make our neighbourhoods friendlier to live in.

“Every time I hear about the clubs, activities and projects ‘Big Lunchers’ engage in after getting to know each other, I become even more committed to making The Big Lunch bigger than ever.”