New lip-reading classes are starting for hard-of-hearing people living in the district.

The class will run at Rawdon Community Library on Wednesdays from 1pm to 3pm and starts next week.

Susan Lee, who is running the classes, said: “Losing hearing can have a dramatic effect on people’s confidence and often people lead isolated lives.

“That is why I trained to become a lip-reading teacher. One of my family members has very little hearing due to health problems.

“Learning to lip-read can help people to rejoin a conversation and rejoin their family and friends socially.

“Lip-reading is a vital communication skill if you are deaf or have hearing loss.

“People can just turn up and hopefully will continue to turn up. It does become easier to lip-read people the more practice and theory you are taught, but one could call in and learn something new every class.

“The charge is £3 per lesson which is two hours with a refreshment break, but the first class is free.”

For more information, contact Susan on 07910 831646, e-mail or visit