The following planning applications have been received by Leeds City Council:

Bramhope: single storey rear extension, 32 Breary Lane. Bramhope: Beech tree - crown reduction reducing the height and spread by 2 metres, Holland House, 3 Church Hill. Bramhope: Beech - thin by 20 per cent and draw back from property and crown lift by 3 to 4 metres, 20A Churchgate. Bramhope: two storey/single storey rear extension, single storey front extension and first floor window to side, 3 Wynmore Drive. Bramhope: roof alteration to form second floor balcony to rear, 3 Creskeld View. Bramhope: alterations including raised roof with gable extensions to form new extended first floor and infill and extension of covered patio and canopy to rear (amendments to previously approved application 29/81/05/FU), Westvale, North Drive.

Guiseley: emergency tree work – removal of Eucalyptus tree, 30 Fairway. Guiseley: conversion of existing integral garage to a habitable room, 20 Aldersyde Way. Guiseley: first floor side and rear extension, 20 Ings Lane. Guiseley: first floor side/rear extension, 13 Blake Crescent.

Horsforth: T1- Lawson Cypress. Fell and remove, unsuitable tree for its location. 31 Long Row. Horsforth: single storey rear extension, 45 Brownberrie Avenue. Horsforth: T1- proposed removal of Sycamore tree. Tree is unbalanced and leans excessively over garage and towards house. I would not make a proposal to replant in this area as the existing woodland behind could suppress the growth of any young tree and cause the same problem to repeat itself. T2- Proposed reduction of large Sycamore over garden. As this tree is on the edge of a woodland it has also become unbalanced. My client has requested the tree be reduced to leave a pole approximately 5 metres in height. However if this is not permitted, I have recommended a reduction by 25 per cent in order to reduce the sail effect on the tree and to reduce shading over the garden. 32 Woodway. Horsforth: part two storey, part single storey rear extension and balcony to side NON MATERIAL AMENDMENT to 10/03976/FU of alterations to framed units with folding/sliding doors, no rooflights, alterations to rear porch/hallway with wall, repositioned flat roof. Red Beck Lodge, Rawdon Road. Horsforth: six, 12 metre high floodlights around rugby pitch. Yarnbury RUFC, Brownberrie Lane.

Menston: 4m single storey rear extension, 3.5m to ridge height and 2.4m to eaves, 33 Moorland Crescent.

Otley: conservatory/entrance porch to front NON MATERIAL AMENDMENT to 13/03823/FU: repositioning of entrance door of conservatory, 17 The Whartons. Otley: 4m single storey rear extension, 3.4m to ridge height and 2.4m to eaves, 21 Cambridge Grove.

Rawdon: new vehicular access to include gates, dropped kerb and area of hardstanding to front, 35 Micklefield Lane. Rawdon: fell tree no 689 Beech. Replace with 14/16 Beech. Layton Lodge, Town Street. Rawdon: change of use and alterations to existing office units to form three town houses and two apartments with associated car parking, Gaunts Properties Ltd, Cliffe Lane. Rawdon: various pruning work to four Lime trees. Removal of six Leylandi. North Lodge, Cragg Wood Drive. Rawdon: reduce one Beech by 20 per cent, remove one Leylandi. Oaklands Lodge, Woodlands Drive. 

Yeadon: resurfacing of parking area, access roads and alterations to parking layout. Land off Warren House Lane. Yeadon: basement conversation with new external steps, 5 Leafield Place. Yeadon: conservatory to rear, 49 Whitestone Crescent. Yeadon: two storey and single storey rear extension, 10 Plane Tree Grove.