Bramhope is included in a newly-published list of the top burglary hotspots in the UK – despite the fact that crime rates in the village are said to be low.

Bramhope is part of the LS16 area, which has made it into the top 20 of a national burglary insurance claim list compiled by MoneySuperMarket.

The village has found itself on the list along with areas of London, Manchester and Liverpool, also named as burglary hotspots.

LS16 – which also includes Adel, Cookridge, Eccup, Far Headingley, Holt Park, Ireland Wood, Lawnswood, Moor Grange, Tinshill, Weetwood, and West Park – is the only area of Leeds or Bradford to make it onto the list this year. Its place at number 18 has caused concern in Bramhope where many residents believe the village has gained an unjustified reputation.

Their views are backed by police who say the village does not suffer from high rates of crime.

Inspector Richard Coldwell, of the Aireborough and Wharfedale Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “Despite the recent figures that have been released, Bramhope is a relatively low crime area – especially compared with some of the more urban parts of Leeds 16.

He advised anyone wanting to look at crime rates in their area to visit the Home Office’s own comparison site.

Last year five postcodes in the Leeds area featured in the top 20 on the MoneySuperMarket list, based on burglary claims to the insurance comparison site.

Kevin Pratt, home insurance expert at MoneySuperMarket, said the M21 postal district in Manchester was the country’s most notorious burglary claim hotspot.

“But just because somewhere is named a claim hotspot it doesn’t actually mean the area in question is not a nice place to live. Thieves often target areas with wealthy residents and desirable properties where the rewards are potentially greater or quieter areas where they think there is less risk of being caught red-handed,” he said.