A young singer from Otley is hoping to become a big hit next year – in China.

Former Prince Henry’s Grammar School student, soprano Lucy L’Mont, has already sung and performed in Italian, German, French and Czech.

But it is by using her Mandarin skills that the 22 year old is hoping to break into the potentially lucrative Chinese market.

Lucy has been singing in the language for nearly a decade but has now started translating her own songs into Mandarin and is aiming – with some help from YouTube – to attract enough publicity to justify a performing trip to China next year.

She said: “This is something I have had an interest in for several years and I have built up quite a repertoire in this language.

“Over this year I have been learning four songs which are very famous in China and have also written my own song, which has been translated into Mandarin to celebrate the Chinese phenomenon of ‘I will love you forever’ day.

“This happened on January 4, 2013, as this date if said in Mandarin sounds like ‘I will love you forever’.

“I have written a song to celebrate the anniversary of this day, recorded it and made a video which is now on YouTube.

“My next four Mandarin songs will also be recorded and put on YouTube in the New Year, and I hope with enough publicity to be able to go out to China and perform.”

The power of Lucy’s voice was first noted when she was just nine, and she has gone on to become a professional performer, playing at the likes of Manchester’s Hard Rock Cafe, Leeds City Varieties and Harrogate’s Royal Hall.

Her recordings, meanwhile, have included everything from popular favourites like The Sound of Music (in Mandarin) to classics such as O Mia Babbino Caro.

Her Mandarin version of I Will Love You Forever (The Anniversary Song) is available to download online and can be viewed on YouTube at youtube.com/watch?v=6aWZtLWlzjw.

Lucy’s focus next year won’t all be on China, however. She said: “Next year is going to be a really busy year for me, I’m going to be working on my brand new repertoire and getting it ready to take on the road.

“I will also be recording more songs in English and in Mandarin which will be going on my website, YouTube and iTunes, and filming videos to go with these recordings.

“Throughout next year I will also be filming my professional show reel, which will comprise recent recordings and accompanying videos and live recordings of me performing, which will include my new choreography.”

Visit lucylmont.co.uk for more details.