A 13-year-old Ilkley girl has had her hair cut short and donated a ten-inch pony tail to the charity The Little Princess Trust, which provides real hair wigs to children who have suffered hair loss due to cancer treatments and other conditions.

It is the second time Charlotte Simpson has donated her hair; the first was six years ago, when she lived in New Jersey in the USA to 'Locks of Love’, which provides wigs for young people in the States.

Charlotte, who is in year nine at Ilkley Grammar School, also wanted to raise money for Cancer Research UK so asked friends and family if they would sponsor her. Thanks to their support and generosity she has raised over £100.

Noel at Peter Frederick's hair salon on Leeds Road kindly styled her hair free of charge after he cut her pony tail off. He said it was the first time a teenager had asked him to do such a thing and he and the other stylists were very impressed with her act of kindness.

Charlotte is pleased that her hair is going to a good cause and that she has been able to raise money for cancer research at the same time.

She knows how important it is to support cancer charities, for her own cousin has been treated successfully for leukaemia and she is aware of other families who have been, or are being, affected by the disease.

She said: “Some people have told me that I am brave having my hair cut so short in one go, but I think that giving away my hair is nothing in comparison to what people who have cancer have to go through.

“My only regret is that I can only do it once every few years as it takes so long to grow!”