Independent councillor Anne Hawkesworth is calling for a review of parking on streets around Ilkley train station.

Coun Hawkesworth feels parking should be limited to three-hour slots in streets surrounding the station including Railway Road, except for residents living in those areas.

But she suggested if this was introduced a one-way system would have to be introduced.

Coun Hawkesworth said: “The long term problem of all- day town centre parking makes the demand of park and ride on the west of the town more and more apparent.

“The car park would need to be on the Addingham to Ilkley service bus route to minimise cost.

“The streets are not quite wide enough for three layers of traffic. If you kept to two-way it would mean losing parking on both sides which would be catastrophic.”

Last week, Coun Hawkesworth also spoke out and said parking wardens should crack down on delivery drivers who she believes damage pavements in Ilkley by parking on them.

She wants Bradford Council parking wardens to enforce rules on delivery vans which, she claimed, are damaging pavements around the town.

Branding the practice of parking delivery vans on pavements as “reckless vandalism” she called for retailers to pick up the cost where delivery vehicles have damaged the pavements.

Coun Hawkesworth recently hit out at Bradford Council's highways department for not keeping a closer eye on utility companies doing work on The Grove.

The central shopping street was relaid and designed to a high specification a decade ago, but Coun Hawkesworth says the repair works and the replacement of stone flags had since been done in a “slipshod” way.