A former soldier who lost three limbs in Afghanistan will join a team of dynamic Yorkshire athletes as they attempt to set a new world record cycling and running from Land’s End to John O’Groats.

Andy Reid was left with horrific injuries by an IED explosion in 2009, but he spent just two weeks in hospital. Now the remarkable man will cycle part of the route with the team which is led by Andy North, of Guiseley.

The men are taking part in the Ultra 6 Great Britain challenge, completing a daily cycle and marathon from July 14 to 20 to raise money for ABF The Soldiers’ Charity and the Forces’ Children’s’ Trust.

They are aiming to complete the 850 miles in a world record time of just 6.4 days. They will complete 26.2 miles daily and then cycle a further 100 miles on the same day, a total of 15 hours on the move each day.

This is not the first time the Yorkshire adventurers have gone to the extreme in support of charity.

In 2011 Andy North, Dave Edwards, Mick Bowden and Mike Senior completed the Sunshine Challenge.

They undertook the equivalent of 25 marathons, covered over 1,700 miles of cycling and kayaked 26 miles, from Catterick Garrison to Gibraltar. This year they will also be joined by Ben Wood who works at Allterrain Cycles in Bradford.

The team, who are hoping to raise £50,000, will be joined for two days along the route by former soldier Andy Reid who will ride a bike for the first time since being injured.

Andy North said: “Following the success of the Olympics and Tour de France our dream is to motivate and inspire people to use sport and compete for their country. And at a time when so much focus is on the heroic endeavours of our Armed Forces in Afghanistan we must make special mention of Andy Reid who is facing an extraordinary difficult challenge in attempting his first consecutive distance bike ride since his horrific injury fighting for our country.

“This endeavour is going to be tough enough for us, but imagine how tough it will be for Andy with no lower legs and only one arm? But he has immense spirit and willpower which underlines the ethos of this challenge.”

Businesses and members of the public who sponsor the event are invited to join in the endeavour by dropping in and out at any stage.