An all-day rock concert for up to 7,000 people will proceed in Otley this spring.

Concerns had been raised that the bank holiday event, at Otley Rugby Club, could attract up to 10,000 revellers and cause parking and disturbance problems.

But the club succeeded this week in gaining a pitch licence that will let it stage the concert, in association with Black Sheep Brewery and LS21LIVE, from noon to 9.30pm on Sunday, May 26.

The licence theoretically allows it to stage music, dance and other events for audiences of up to 9,999, but the club has agreed to limit its use to once-a-year, and restrict tickets to 7,000.

The club, which answered questions from concerned residents at a meeting last week, has also agreed to:

  • Put clear parking directions onto the event’s website and tickets
  • Arrange buses, if necessary, to help concertgoers get to Menston train station and Leeds Bradford Airport
  • Provide extra parking, thanks to an arrangement with Otley Town FC, which will create more than 1,000 spaces off Pool Road.

Committee member Gordon Baines said: “We’re very pleased. This is going to boost our finances and will also do a great deal for the town.

“The meeting with residents started acrimoniously but ended with 99 per cent wishing us well. Some were worried the licence would let us hold huge events every weekend.

“The licensing sub-committee asked if we could commit to one a year, which we agreed to, and we’re happy to restrict ticket sales to 7,000.

“We've also agreed to hold another meeting with residents as the arrangements progress, and to work closely with the local community."

The line-up for the day, consisting of five bands, is still to be announced but Mr Baines is confident it will prove a hit.

Councillor Ryk Downes (Lib Dem, Otley & Yeadon) said: “Overall, I hope a sensible compromise has been reached. With the conditions and agreements in place, this has the potential to be a great event, enjoyed by many.

"Most residents were not opposed to the event, but rather wished to make sure it was organised well and with consideration to the club's neighbours.”

The club has agreed that no equipment should be dismantled after 11pm on the night, or too early the next morning, and for litter-picking to be carried out on surrounding streets.