People in Leeds are being urged to have their say on a blueprint for future development across the city.

Leeds City Council has this week launched its consultation on the Core Strategy – the plan which will replace the current Unitary Development Policy.

Under the development blueprint up to 70,000 properties could be built around the city by 2028.

Fears have already been expressed about Otley’s ability to cope with the 1,000 new homes it would have to take.

The Local Development Framework Core Strategy also says that 30 per cent of the new homes would be built on greenfield or green belt land, despite that the preference would remain for them to be located on previously-developed brownfield sites.

Adel and Wharfedale councillor Barry Anderson urged people to look at the document and make their views known.

He said: “The Core Strategy sets out the Council’s vision for the future development of Leeds over the next 15 years, and is the principal document in the Local Development Framework.

“It addresses a wide range of environmental, social and economic considerations in order to address the challenges and opportunities which Leeds faces. The Core Strategy is shaped by a range of policies, including the Vision for Leeds (Community Strategy) and national guidance.

“This is an important document and will have a significant effect on the lives of all residents of Leeds.

“There will be a subsequent document issued in the future where the individual sites where development might be possible will be issued and at this stage it will become very controversial. At this stage it is vitally important that your views on the high-level strategy are made clear to the Council in terms of the priorities they see for retail development, employment develop-ment and probably most import-antly, housing development.”

The document can be seen at