A £10,000 scheme to stop Leeds Bradford Airport traffic parking on nearby residential streets will simply move the problem to other areas, it is claimed.

The plans to keep roads free of parked cars along Victoria Avenue and Bayton Lane, in Yeadon, have been welcomed as good news for residents.

But Guiseley and Rawdon councillor Paul Wadsworth is concerned it will shift the problem into other areas.

The road restrictions have been given the go-ahead by council officers acting on delegated powers. They will be paid for with money given to the council by the airport.

Coun Wadsworth said: “Obviously, I’m pleased that this work is going to go ahead because it will make life that little bit easier for people living near the airport. What concerns me is the ripple effect, that the problem will simply be shunted from around Victoria Avenue to somewhere else in the airport’s surroundings, particularly in my ward of Guiseley and Rawdon.

“This scheme doesn’t solve the problem, it merely moves it around. The underlying problem is the airport’s insistence on continuing with the kiss and fly tax that penalises people for using the airport. The airport is paying the £10,000 cost of these works – why don’t they stop the £2 kiss and fly tax, then they wouldn’t have to shell out on schemes like this, because people could drive to the terminal building to drop off and pick up relatives without disturbing the local community.”

The so-called ‘kiss and fly’ tax was introduced this year and means there is a minimum £2 fee for anyone who wants to pick up or drop off friends and family outside the terminal. The airport has introduced a free drop-off service in the long-stay car parks, about half-a-mile from the terminal, and a shuttle bus takes passengers to the terminal and back.

An annual £25 subscription is also in place for taxi drivers to use the short-stay car park for up to 15 minutes at a time.