Otley's MP has put pressure on council bosses over plans to end town centre parking permits.

Residents, worried about having to park far from their homes and about property values, have vowed to fight the proposals after being told by Leeds City Council that it wants to phase out the scheme and will not be issuing any new permits.

The council claims existing permits – which would not be affected but would not be renewed after the owner moved or died – are only held by about 20 residents, scattered over several streets including North Parade and Boroughgate.

The authority says phasing out the scheme would remove an “anomaly” whereby only some residents on certain streets have permission to park on nearby, council-owned car parks for free.

Permit-holders have started up a campaign and petition opposing the move and now Leeds North West MP Greg Mulholland has written to the council outlining their concerns and demanding they be properly considered.

In his letter he writes: “My constituents have raised the following concerns relating to this proposal: firstly, this will cause a fall in the value of affected properties in the area, as new residents would have to pay to use a car park. It has been noted that the use of a car park for overnight parking could cost thousands of pounds per year for a new resident.

“Secondly, increased parking on the access road to the rear of the properties on North Parade would result in refuse trucks and emergency services having diffi-culties accessing the properties.

“And thirdly, residents without parking permits will be required to compete for the free off-street parking available in the area.

“This will inevitably result in some residents having to park a distance from their homes; a problematic situation for elderly constituents or families with very young children.

“I would therefore like to request that these objections are taken seriously by Leeds City Council.”

The council had sent letters to permit-holders outlining its proposals and asking for comments as part of a consultation it is holding over the plan.