POOL-IN-WHARFEDALE has received a £1,500 contribution towards the cost of its Christmas lights.

The Outer North West Community Committee approved the funding, to cover the cost of hiring lights for Main Street, Stocks Hill and Arthington Lane, this week.

Pool Parish Council is covering the rest of the £2,800 bill by contributing £1,300.

Councillor Barry Anderson (Con, Adel & Wharfedale)., who sits on the committee, said: "Once again I am delighted we have been able to give money towards the Pool Christmas lights.

"This annual display gets better and better each year and it is such a pleasing sight when you come into the village from whichever direction you are travelling.

"It shows what a warm welcome you get when you come to Pool."

Councillor Caroline Anderson (Con, Adel & Wharfedale) added: "Although Pool is a small village it punches above its weight with its Christmas lights display.

"The parish council is keen to show the village off and I think this is a great way of doing it.

"I think people love to see all the communities putting an effort into their displays; it really brightens up the dark evenings.

"As everyone knows Pool is a busy crossroads for people travelling to and from the airport and from North Yorkshire into Leeds or Otley, so it will be appreciated by many thousands of commuters."