OTLEY and Yeadon's three current city councillors have been chosen to stand for election again next year.

Leeds Liberal Democrats made the decision, in preparation for the Leeds City Council election in May, 2018 following a recent hustings.

All 99 council seats will be contested next year - the first time that has happened since 2004 - due to a ruling by the Boundary Commission following a change to some city centre wards.

Otley and Yeadon Councillors Colin Campbell, Ryk Downes and Sandy Lay said they were glad to have been given the opportunity to stand again.

Cllr Campbell said: "It's great to know we have the confidence of our colleagues.

"It means we can continue the fight to protect Otley and Yeadon from Labour's plans for massive housing development, and ensure proper investment in local infrastructure."

Cllr Downes said: "I'm pleased the local party has recognised how well Colin, Sandy and I work as a team.

"There are many issues to fight for in our area, from the future of Yeadon Town Hall to ensuring there are more school places.

"We will continue the fight to get a fair share for our area."

Cllr Lay added: "Over the years we have helped many hundreds of people.

"I am particularly pleased we have succeeded in getting two wards reopened with services at Wharfdale Hospital in Otley, and that the future of Suffolk Court, in Yeadon, has been secured but there is always more to do."