LITTER hotspots are being targeted by Aireborough Civic Society in a battle to stop a minority spoiling the greenbelt.

The group, which is calling for cameras to catch litter louts, organised two clear ups at the beginning of April - collecting 42 bags of rubbish. Despite their best efforts they still haven't managed to clear all their targeted areas, and are now organising another litter pick on Civic Day, Saturday June 17.

The group said a disappointing turn out of just six people at the first of the events in April was followed by 17 volunteers on the second day. Senior citizens and a young person aiming for a Blue Peter badge were among those taking part. Pudsey, Horsforth and Aireborough MP Stuart Andrew and Otley and Yeadon councillors Colin Campbell and Ryk Downes also joined in.

In a statement this week the Civic Society said: "It is very disappointing that so much is thoughtlessly thrown out of cars and is spoiling our environment. The Henshaw Depot does do regular 'patrols' but it is impossible to keep on top of the mess created by inconsiderate people who live in, or travel through our area."

The statement stresses: "This is a city wide problem and it is getting worse. We shall be contacting Leeds City Council about finding longer term solutions. A website where residents can report litter problems would be helpful. However until there is some proper enforcement that is publicised to the general public it is hard to see this problem going away. Leeds City Council is spending a lot of our money clearing up after inconsiderate people. Often car drivers and passengers just throw cans, coffee cups, bottles, take aways, etc from their vehicle and they get away with it."

It adds: "Aireborough Civic Society has cleared the same areas for a number of years now and within a few weeks packaging , tins and bottles are back. We are calling on Leeds City Council to set up cameras to catch those who litter, prosecute them and publicise the fact that they have done so. The fine for littering is £80."

The group has five litter pickers and bags for anyone who wants to organise their own clear up. Ring 0113 2503580.