MP for Leeds North West, Greg Mulholland, has welcomed the decision to refuse planning permission for 380 properties on Breary Lane East in Bramhope.

Miller Homes had submitted a planning application to Leeds City Council in November 2013 to build 380 properties and also develop on local Green Belt land. Writing to Cookridge Residents Action Group, Mulholland objected to the proposed development expressing concern that not affordable housing was included in the proposals and that the size of the development would have a drastic impact on the nature of the village.

The application was rejected with some strong criticism, with the Council saying the proposals “failed to demonstrate that the proposals can be accommodated safely and satisfactorily on the local highway network” and “would be detrimental to the safe and free flow of traffic and pedestrian and cycle user convenience and safety”

Further to Mulholland’s concerns, the application was also rejected as it “fails to provide necessary contributions for the provision of affordable housing, education, greenspace, public transport, travel planning and off site highway works”

Mr Mulholland said: “I welcome the decision to refuse permission for this development- the scale of it was too big and it just would not have fitted in with the character of a village like Bramhope. It also threatened much-valued local green space which local residents naturally did not want to lose. The Council have also brought forward some very strong concerns relating to safety for road users and that is a further reason why this is the right decision for Bramhope.”