BUDDING writers are invited to come along to a free Creative Writing Group hosted by Bradford District Care Trust’s Champions Show the Way Team at Ilkley Library.

Held every Wednesday from 1pm to 3pm, attendees will have the opportunity to put pen to paper and write a range of novels, short stories, letters to the newspaper, personal diary and/or blogs.

The group is supportive and will help to motivate people and give them the confidence to start writing or typing.

Bradford District Care Trust’s Community Health Champion, John King, leads the group.

He said: “It is great to hear peoples stories – the angles, the styles, the experiences – everyone has their own way of working and writing and the space that they have in the group encourages that. Everyone in the group has been pleasantly surprised at what they can do and how they have developed.”

One group member, who has been a producer, director and writer for television, added: “I joined the group to help people find the confidence to express their ideas. It is a worthwhile experience and I feel more people could benefit from attending. People should not be put off by the words ‘Creative Writing’ you don’t have to be Alan Bennett, J.K. Rowling or John Grisham to attend.”

Participants do not need to be an experienced writer to attend, and can produce as much or as little writing as they want.

Anyone wanting to take part can just turn up at Ilkley Library by 1pm on Wednesday afternoons and introduce themselves to Mr King.

For further information please call (01274) 321911 or e-mail champions@bdct.nhs.uk.