A COUNCIL is being accused of “madness” after resurfacing a road just days before it was due to be dug up by a gas company.

The roadworks in Bramhope were slammed as “profligacy of the highest degree” by the area's ward councillor Barry Anderson.

Leeds City Council is stressing that it has been liaising with Northern Gas Networks and that its work on Leeds Road has stopped before the section which is due to be dug up.

But Coun Anderson, who represents Adel and Wharfedale, is arguing that the work should have been delayed until after the essential gas main replacements were completed.

He said: "Frankly it’s ridiculous that the Council are spending money on resurfacing Leeds Road in Bramhope when they know that Northern Gas are about to do some work. In these days when we have to be especially mindful of how money is being spent, this is profligacy of the highest degree.

“There are a lot of other roads in my ward that need attention and the residents would have been happy to see any of those receive much needed maintenance works. As it is, we have the Council resurfacing a road just three days before it is due to be dug up by Northern Gas for essential maintenance works. It’s madness.

“Also as a result of the way the maintenance work has been done on both Leeds Road, Bramhope, and other areas in the ward generally, the drains are not being covered up, which is resulting in the gullies becoming blocked.

“The Council has serious questions to answer about this. As guardians of the public purse they have a duty to ensure public money is being spent responsibly. This couldn’t be further from what we are seeing here.”

Coun Anderson added: "Residents on Leeds Road recently remarked to me that when the Utility Companies have dug it up in the past they were not impressed with the finished work when the road surface was put back, hence my concern."

He argued that the Leeds Road scheme should have been delayed so that all eventualities could be covered. He pointed out that public money will have been wasted if the gas company needed to dig up another part of the road.

"How many times have we seen the Council carry out out maintenance only to find a Utility Company needed to dig it up," he added.

A Leeds City Council spokesperson said: "As part of our highways maintenance programme, Leeds Road in Bramhope is being resurfaced this year. This process being used is quick, environmentally friendly and keeps roads in good condition for longer.

"We have been working with Northern Gas Networks on their requirement to carry out their essential repairs and have subsequently stopped our work before where they need to dig. None of the new surface will be dug up and the local councillor has been made aware of this by the council."