The fantastic weather on Saturday was just a bonus as almost 200 Brownies and their leaders from having the time of their lives at Nell Bank outdoor activity centre.

The day, earlier this month, opened with a hilarious rendition by the Nell Bank staff wishing the brownies a very happy Centenary Birthday - the response just about lifted the roof.

After a brief introduction to the staff members and a run through the ground rules, the Brownies were sent off in groups to take part in eight different activities throughout the day.

Organisers said it was incredible to see how an amorphous group of 7–10 year olds could organise themselves in team activities -

the enterprising amongst them soon had teams working to fill holey downpipes to release trapped ducklings, groups emerged in perfect synchronisation to cross a toxic ice floe to save endangered frogs and bears, and an introduction to orienteering was tackled with relish.

Pond dipping was especially enjoyed and the squeals of disgust at a close encounter with a leech or a dragon fly nymph were spine chilling.

Brownies were also delighted when a newly emerged dragon fly took its first flight right in front of them.

The activities which were for pure fun were equally enjoyed such as sliding down the fireman’s pole and crawling through black hole tunnels.

To invite brownies to explore the possibilities of water with an Archimedes screw and a seemingly endless supply of running water, buckets and giant syringes was to place yourself in danger of getting as wet as they did.

A highly successful day ended with the Brownies renewing their Brownie Promise and awards being made to those girls who had shown consideration for others and who had taken part all day with total commitment.