The following planning applications have been received by Leeds City Council:

Bramhope: change of use of barn to dwelling and alterations and extension to existing dwelling, alterations to form garage for Staircase House. Barn adjacent to Staircase House, Staircase Lane.

Guiseley: crown lift one Prunus to 3.5 metes, remove minor branches to clear head height of one Hornbeam. Monument at Hallam Street. Guiseley: external alterations including new shop fronts to Units 5-8, sub-division of Unit 7A into two units and reconfiguration and extension of mezzanines therein. Use of Unit 8 for either Class A1 as existing or Class A3, alterations to external car parking/pedestrian areas. Units 5-8 inc and parts of car park, Guiseley Retail Park, Leeds Road. Guiseley: one illuminated free standing post sign. Dominos Pizza, 119 Otley Road. Guiseley: agricultural determination for detached agricultural storage building. Hawkstone Farm, Hollins Hill.

Horsforth: reduce one Ash by 60 per cent, remove limbs from one Chestnut which has Bleeding Canker, draw back one Chestnut by 3.5m. 3 & 5 Newlay Lane. Horsforth: two-storey and single-storey side extension. 19 Church Grove. Horsforth: two-storey, first-floor and single-storey side/rear extension. 3 Autumn Crescent. Horsforth: 4.7m single-storey rear extension, 3.3m to ridge height and 2.2m to eaves. 63 Springfield Mount. Horsforth: two storey and single storey rear extension with balcony and canopy to first floor. 104 Hawksworth Road.

Menston: remove one Holly and crown clean one Yew. 2 Wharfedale Fold.

Otley: Carpinus betulus 'Fastigiata' (Hornbeam) – undertake crown reduction to reduce width/height of canopy and crown. Reduce by 1.5-2m to the north and east, and by 2-2.5m to the south and west. Reduce height by 2m approx. Undertake crown thinning by 5-10 per cdent including removal of defective and crossing branches. Refer to attached 'Proposed Arboricultural Works Methodology (Ref: BHA/V.1 May 2014) for further information/details of proposed works. All arboricultural works would be undertaken to BS:3998 2010 and will be carried out by an Arboricultural Association approved contractor. Reasons for proposed works:- The Hornbeam tree has outgrown its location and the canopy is growing into and impacting on the building frontage. It is causing excessive shading to the glass frontage and courtyard to the entrance of Skipton Building Society. The frontage is in need of repair/replacement and suitable space is required to undertake repair/replacement. Skipton Building Society, 34 Boroughgate. Otley: single-storey side/rear extension including porch to front. 15 Caxton Road. Otley: retrospective application for advertising board to vacant land. Former cattle market, Billams Hill.

Rawdon: conservatory to rear, 28 Larkfield Road.

Yeadon: replacement roofs and two new pitched roofs to main school building. Yeadon Westfield Junior School, New Road.