Two local Co-operative stores have raised £500 for little girl suffering from cerebral palsy.

The combined efforts of the small Baildon store and the Menston store raised the impressive sum within a short period of time.

Baildon manager Khalid Mahmood and Menston store manager Kamran Khan said they were very pleased with the amount raised for Menston girl Charlotte Wormald which will be used to help with her specialised treatment.

Marc Hill and Salma Jan from both the stores had a big impact in raising the money.

Charlotte’s mum Radka Wormald said she was overwhelmed with the support and the amount raised. “I cannot believe how my local Co-operative stores have come to support me and my family in raising this amount of money which, will go a long way in supporting Charlotte’s rehabilitation,” she said.

Parents Mark and Radka thanked Mr Mahmood and Mr Khan for their support, as well as the gift of goody bags for the seven-year-old Charlotte and her twin sister Emily.

Mr Mahmood added: “It was fantastic to raise all this money for Charlotte, as a co-operative we believe in a strong relations with our community.”

Mr Khan added: “Today has showcased how, when the Co-operative Food Stores get together, what we can do as a combined team, I look forward to further collaboration in raising more money for needy causes."