Police are asking for victims of road traffic accidents to report incidents to police following concerns “cash for crash” scammers are targeting Ilkley.

Ilkley Parish Council this week heard an e-mail is circulating among local people, warning that drivers are deliberately causing collisions with other vehicles in an insurance scam.

The e-mail warns local drivers to be on the lookout for several men in an ‘old’ car who it claims are responsible for the scam in Ilkley.

Police say they are not aware of any such incidents in the area and urged anyone with concerns about a collision they have been involved in to report the incident to police.

Keighley Area Inspector, Sue Sanderson, said: “Any allegations of this nature are taken very seriously and there will always be a thorough investigation conducted by officers to establish how the collision occurred.”

Anyone who might have any concerns over a road traffic collision is asked to report it to police on 101 or they can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.”