Parents are afraid to let their children out to play because of fears that animal remains are being spread on fields in Yeadon.

Residents believe a noxious smell pervading the area is coming from animal parts and blood – and they are calling for urgent action from environmental health officers.

Local people say they are not getting any help from Leeds City Council despite the desperate situation which forces them to keep their children indoors and their windows closed.

Long-suffering residents are adamant that the overwhelming foul smell which has been particularly bad over the past two Bank Holiday weekends, is not simply manure.

Heidi Bradshaw, who lives at East Carlton, has serious concerns about the pollution and its effect on children – but she said she has had no reply from the council despite requesting that soil samples be taken.

“I am concerned as to what is in it and its effects,” she said.

“I have three children, one of whom is severely disabled, and I do have concerns about whether I should take him out when the smell is so bad as not sure what he is breathing in. It is a smell of dead animals, not manure.”

Mrs Bradshaw said she had spoken to Leeds City Council’s environmental health department more than two weeks ago and was still waiting for a response.

Karen Morris, who lives near Yeadon Tarn, has also appealed for help from Leeds City Council. But she says she was told she would need to identify the person responsible before soil tests could be taken.

She described the smell as “dreadful” – and said it was so bad that her neighbour didn’t like to let her children play out.