Otley’s MP is calling for a group of experts to rethink the future of public transport in Leeds.

The call from Greg Mulholland (Lib Dem, Leeds North West) comes just before a public inquiry into the New Generation Transport (NGT) trolleybus scheme is set to begin.

Mr Mulholland says the main issue that should be addressed is not whether or not the NGT should proceed, but what would constitute the best modern, integrated transport system for the city.

He said: “Leeds has been boxed into a corner since the last Government decided it could not have light rail and had to have a bus-based solution, which is why Metro proposed NGT – a second-best system that few really believe in, and many oppose.

“Leeds should not accept second-best, nor should we be prevented from doing what we should be doing – which is to consider all technologies to come up with the best integrated public transport system for our 21st century city.

“We need a group of local transport experts and academics to consider the right transport solution for Leeds and the money being earmarked for NGT should be used for that, whatever it is.

“We need a proper transport scheme that uses the best technology as well as linking existing rail lines, bus routes and cycling. The NGT scheme is not that, and we now need this new group to come together and produce a robust report, considering all options, to say what would be best for Leeds.”