A scheme enlisting the help of dog walkers to persuade others to clear up after their pets is being extended to Menston and Burley-in-Wharfedale.

The success of Bradford Council’s Green Dog scheme in Bingley, with 80 people signing up, has led to its forthcoming extension to Baildon, Menston and Burley.

The scheme involves dog walkers pledging to always clean up after their pet and to carry spare bags to give to other dog walkers who have not done so.

People who don’t have pets have also agreed to carry bags with them to give to dog walkers who haven’t cleaned up after their dogs.

The dog owners are approached in a friendly and non-confrontational way with the offer of a bag.

But in Baildon, one public-spirited resident has helped Bradford Council issue Penalty Charge Notices to two dog walkers who left their pets’ mess on the moor.

As a result, the owners had to pay £50 each for their anti-social behaviour.

The Bingley Green Dog walker scheme even has its own Facebook page and the message has been taken around by members to community group meetings and school assemblies.

Bradford Council’s interim strategic director for environment and sport, Steve Hartley, said: “Everyone realises how dog mess can spoil our streets, parks and other open spaces. The most effective way to get rid of it is for the Council and residents to work together in making sure that we all clean up after our pets when we take them for a walk.”

Residents of the Shipley Constitency who want to join the Green Dog scheme can contact Marcia Churley or Paula Truman at the Shipley Area Neighbourhood Co-ordinator’s Office on (01274) 437146.

Members of the public who want to report dog walkers who let their pets foul the streets and open spaces, can go to the website bradford.gov or call (01274) 431000, with as many details as possible.