New bins for Ilkley town centre will help keep it attractive and retain its spa town image, says a councillor.

Ward councillor Anne Hawkesworth (Ind, Ilkley), one of the three ward councillors who provided funding for the waste bins, says councillors are allocated money to fund smaller projects needed to make a difference in Ilkley.

The three councillors, Councillor Hawkesworth, Councillor Mike Gibbons and Councillor Martin Smith, recently put money into the illuminations in Mill Ghyll.

“The street furniture is looking shabby so for starters we are introducing new waste bins,” said Coun Hawkesworth.

“The present ones are dilapidated and to be honest if we don’t fund some things the town won’t get them. It is important to retain the spa image of the town to keep visitors coming. A vibrant and attractive town centre is important.”