A group has been set up to defend Guiseley from development amid fears the town could be swamped by thousands of new homes.

Stressing enough is enough, the group says the town cannot cope with vast numbers of new homes – and is calling on residents to act before it is too late.

Organisers Fran Entwistle and Liz Kirkpatrick, members of Menston and Guiseley Greenbelt Protection Group, say it is obvious that Guiseley people are against further development in and around their town.

They say the infrastructure is stretched now and the situation will become untenable if future building goes ahead.

They are now asking local residents to write to those in authority in defence of their town.

The organisers say land is being considered for up to 1,170 more houses in the town under the proposed local development framework.

They say 629 possible houses could be built in the Ings Lane area, 200 at Banksfield Mount, 295 at Coach Road, Low Mills and Sodall Hill, as well as other smaller developments.

“Guiseley has seen a great deal of housing development, with around 1,500 houses built in the last ten to 15 years – including the development at High Royds which comes under the Leeds authority,” they said.

“This is in excess of any other north Leeds area. The main developments have been to the north, some on green fields and some replacing industrial sites, where many Guiseley people used to work.”

They say recent developments have already had a major effect on the lives of everyone in the area – with congestion on the roads and trains, loss of green space, and difficulty getting places or seeing a doctor or dentist.

They say: “You cannot move in Guiseley and this is before all the current developments have been completed.

“How much worse will it be if up to a further 1,170 are built? This cannot and should not be accepted.”

They are calling on local people to contact their MP, councillors and Leeds City Council’s planning department.