The police have questioned whether proposed new speed limits at Pool-in-Wharfedale are necessary.

Leeds City Council is, following years of lobbying by residents, pursuing a scheme that would see 40mph and 30mph limits introduced to the top and bottom ends, respectively, of Old Pool Bank.

Councillor Barry Anderson (Con, Adel & Wharfedale), who has also been lobbying for the changes, recently called on the council to act faster, as he was concerned progress had stalled.

Now, in an update from the traffic management department, he has been told that West Yorkshire Police has been consulted – and the force does not sound too convinced.

The police, noting that in a survey carried out last April the average speed of vehicles at two different sections of the road was only 32mph and 25mph, responded: “There appears to be a good deal of self-compliance on this stretch of carriageway, regardless of the fact that the current speed limit is the national speed limit, and it begs the question why there is a need to reduce the posted speed limit if we already have such a low average speed?

“We would have no objections to the reductions as proposed, but taking into account there have been no reported injury collisions in the past five years, it is unlikely we would conduct any targeted enforcement at this location.”

Coun Anderson is asking residents with any thoughts on the proposed scheme to let him know by e-mailing to