A man who was trying to set a new world record for glass walking had to abandon his attempt because of a serious cut to his foot.

Nigel Jardine, who already holds three world records for walking on broken glass, set himself the challenge of the equivalent of a marathon to raise money for the Philippines relief fund.

But the motivational expert, from Horsforth, had to admit defeat after about seven and a half hours when a cut left his foot bleeding badly.

Nigel, 60, had planned to spend around 43 hours, walking the equivalent of 26 miles in an empty shop on New Road Side, in Horsforth.

But he had to abandon the fund-raiser and go to hospital at about 2am on Wednesday morning.

Despite being forced to give up he has still raised about £550 for charity so far.

He said: “Occasionally things just go wrong. The glass started cutting a lot, so I went back on and went back on and in the end I just had to give up.”

He received medical treatment to ensure there would be no lasting damage and now has his foot in a plaster.

Nigel was recently featured on Stan Lee’s Superhuman TV show, where he walked on broken glass on fire at 1,000 degrees centigrade.