An organisation is to set up its first well-being and support group for lesbian, gay and bisexual people in Ilkley.

Yorkshire MESMAC has been providing a community mental health and well-being service unique in the country for over five years, for people here in Bradford and Airedale.

Part of the work is providing groups in which gay people who have been isolated or experiencing depression, low self-confidence or other issues affecting health and well-being can find professional help, information and mutual support. The group is confidential and free.

There will be monthly group meetings in Ilkley, which will extend those already based in Bradford, and people can also obtain individual support from staff trained and experienced in mental health and community development who are themselves lesbian, gay or bisexual.

For more details go to There is now also an on-line meet-up group at to inform people who join, at no cost, about meetings.

Contact 07913 264967 or 07543 801135, or e-mail c.spendlove@ or for more information.