Planning permission has been granted to demolish Owler House and replace it with four detached properties.

The proposal to demolish the property, in Owler Park Road, Ilkley, formerly known as ‘Four Winds’, and build four new houses was approved by the Area Planning Panel on Wednesday January 16.

Owler House is a single, large detached property and is bounded to the north and west by the green belt, but it itself is unallocated. Owler Park Road is an unadopted highway and holds about 62 properties.

Ilkley Parish Council recommended the plans be deferred on grounds of overdevelopment, environment, and potential overloading of an access route.

Ilkley Civic Society objected to the plans for a number of reasons, which include over-development of the site and visual impact on the green belt of properties being too close together. The panel said in their report that the plans were considered to be acceptable in terms of development plan policies.