It really is good to be able to report on the positive outcome of the fears over chemotherapy treatment at Wharfedale Hospital.

The facility for cancer patients was restarted in September after being halted for around seven weeks due to a staff shortage.

With other things happening at the hospital people were concerned that travelling to St James’s Hospital, in Leeds, might become the norm.

Now for two days a week the service is being well used again at Otley, along with a message that it could be extended if enough patients use the service.

Remarkably, a patient travels to Otley from York as it as easy as travelling to Leeds.

Obviously, in these times of incredible pressures on finances such services have to be cost-effective and something have to give.

As long as the books balance and services are needed, it is great to have such a hospital on the doorstep.

As the chemotherapy issue has shown, the standard of treatment given at centres like Wharfedale is exactly the same as at major hospitals.

What’s more, most of the staff live locally, as do many of the patients.

Earlier this year we reported on the bid by health chiefs to publish a three-year plan to allay fears about the future of Wharfedale Hospital, along with a vow to set up a stronger ‘watchdog’ forum.

One of the hospital heads said they appreciate how much the community loves the hospital and would be delighted if health partners put in more services.

It is to be hoped the chemotherapy unit is seen as a shining example to be followed.