The picture above was discovered in a collection of old photographs and forwarded to us by former Ilkley schoolboy Ken Kaberry. It shows the winners of the Wharfedale Music Festival Percussion Band Section, possibly in 1936 or 1937.

The boys are from Ilkley Church of England School. Mr Kaberry – front left with his legs crossed – was a member of this band, which competed at festivals in the mid-1930s. He believes the others pictured are: (back row) Teacher Miss Rene Harker, John Horner, Peter Titchmarsh, unknown, Charlie Emmot, Maurice Dakin, Charles Hodges, headmaster; (second row from back) Norman Burdock, possibly Leslie Drake, Alan Hague (conductor), Sidney Pedley, John Wardle; (third row from back) Bill Barnes, John Featherstone, possibly Trevor Dobson, David Bruce, Trevor Anderton, a boy possibly with the surname Barrett. The other boy at the front, sitting to the right, he believes is Les McQuade.